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Any surgical procedure is a serious matter, and the staff at Blooming Dental, in Cedar Park, Texas approach oral surgery with the utmost care. Dr. James J. Lee, DDS is here to discuss the various options and to provide care during every step of the process.


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Oral Surgery Q & A

What procedures are

considered oral surgery?

Surgery takes place any time that a procedure breaches the protective surfaces of the human body, such as the skin or gum tissue. Some of the most common types of oral surgery include dental implants, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, and root canals. Surgical procedures are also available to help repair facial injury or replace lost bone tissue. Each patient has his or her own set of needs when it comes to oral surgery, and a treatment option is available to suit virtually every dental condition. In addition, a range of anesthetic options are used during oral surgery, which is another matter that will be discussed prior to treatment.

Is oral surgery

very safe?

Any time that the skin or gum tissue is compromised, a risk of infection is presented. However, when conducted by a highly skilled team in a sterile environment, oral surgery is a safe and effective dental intervention. It should also be noted that many surgical procedures are conducted to address harmful conditions within the mouth, which can lead to serious negative health effects if left untreated. Viewed from this perspective, oral surgery has a much more powerful healing role than some people realize. Many patients have received oral surgery services from Blooming Dental, PLLC and are happy with the outcome and their ability to regain normal function.

What makes a person a good

candidate for oral surgery?

Before a surgical treatment plan is determined, Dr. James J. Lee, DDS will conduct a thorough review of overall health and background. Any other dental issues are usually taken care of prior to oral surgery so that the mouth will be healthy at the time the procedure takes place. Certain medical conditions make some people better suited to surgery than others, but this is an area in which a customized, personalized approach is called for, which is why each case is independently evaluated and treated on its own merits.

How long will my

recovery take?

You have undergone significant surgery and your body needs time to recover. Plan at least three or four days to rest from normal activity. How quickly you recover depends on how you cooperate with your body’s healing process (resting, drinking liquids, taking your medications, avoiding hard foods and vigorous chewing, rinsing gently, etc.) by following these guidelines, you will minimize complications such as infection and the breakdown of the blood clot (“dry socket”) and return to your routine more quickly.

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Dr. Lee believes that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile and offers personalized dental care based on each patient’s individual needs.



Every staff member understands that many patients have anxiety surrounding dental care and will take the time to make sure that patients are comfortable before treatment begins.

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