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Dental veneers can create a bright and healthy smile. Many of Dr. James J. Lee, DDS’s patients choose this option because veneers are customized to be virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Veneers can be applied in just a few visits to the Cedar Park, Texas office.


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Veneers Q & A

What do veneers offer

over other options?

Veneers are a great choice for many people who are looking for ways to correct issues with their smile. For example, some patients do not achieve the desired results from tooth whitening and turn to veneers to achieve a bright smile. Unlike natural teeth, the materials used to create veneers are resistant to staining from drinking coffee, tea or red wine, or from smoking cigarettes. Veneers are also less invasive than dental implants and make an ideal option for patients who have generally healthy teeth but are looking for cosmetic improvements.

How do

veneers work?

Today’s veneer technology begins with the removal of a very small portion of the patient’s tooth enamel, usually less than 1 millimeter. This is critical in achieving a good bond between the veneer substance and the surface of the tooth. Next, a layer of light-sensitive resin is applied to the tooth surface. The porcelain veneer is then positioned, and a special light is applied that hardens or “cures” the adhesive. The entire process can be completed in just 2–3 office visits. Dr. James J. Lee, DDS is able to customize the size, shape, and color of veneers to give patients a new smile that enhances the shape of their mouth and facial features.

Do veneers require

special maintenance?

Not at all. Veneers should be treated just like natural teeth. Regular brushing, good oral hygiene habits, and regularly scheduled dental checkups are all that is needed to protect a patient’s new and improved smile! It should be noted that because the application of veneers requires the removal of a small portion of each patient’s tooth enamel, veneers are considered a permanent solution. It is not possible to remove veneers and “go back” to his or her earlier smile, although new veneers can always be created to address any chipping or other issues that might arise over time.

Are there special considerations

for dental veneers?

The color of your teeth. For example, most veneers are ultra-thin and therefore translucent, so discolored teeth underneath may show through. Your dentist may recommend teeth whitening first to reduce discoloration. Veneers are fabricated to have a natural tooth-like appearance. Veneer color must match that of any remaining teeth, and texturing may be applied to veneer surfaces for a natural look.

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